Badger from a distance

Keith Argow, 1958

Pike's Peak from Badger

Keith Argow, 1958

Pike's Peak from Badger Firefinder

Badger Mountain Lookout

Pike National Forest

Elevation: 11428

Status: Removed

Year Built: 1954, by US Army

Year Removed: 1973?

Structure Type: 40 ft steel, 7x7 cab

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From Dave Bula:
By 1969, its use was down to that of during extreme fire danger only. It was still standing as of 1972, but there were plans to remove it within a year or two. For the decade of 1960-1969, Badger was credited with first detections on just 17 lightning and four man-caused fires. By comparison, Devil's Head was credited with 107 lightning-caused and 20 man-caused fires for the same period and aircraft were credited with 26 lightning-caused and five man-caused detections. The other 513 fires of that decade were first detected by "other" means.

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Badger tower

Keith Argow, 1958