Chimney Rock, 1942


Chimney Rock, 2003

Mark Roper


Lookout Tower Removed, 2010

Les Linton,


Chimney Rock Lookout

San Juan National Forest

Elevation: 7903

Structure type: 14'x14' wood cab, 10' masonry tower

Status: Removed

Year Removed: 2010

Year Built: 1936

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Chimney Rock Lookout was located in the Chimney Rock Archaeological Area. The CCC built it on the site of a 1000-year-old firepit using blocks from nearby ruins, just as earlier cultures rebuilt on the ruins of their predecessors. The lookout was staffed until 1959. Badly deteriorated, the 14x14 upper story was removed in 1974 but rebuilt in modified form in 1988 for use in the archaeological interpretive program. The tower was removed in 2010 to provide access to the archaeological ruins below.

From May 15 to September 30 access is by guided tours with the Chimney Rock Interpretive Association, driving 3 miles up gravel road and walking half a mile to the lookout. From October to February there are no tours but you may walk up from the highway, March 1 to May 15 the area is closed for falcon nesting.

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Chimney Rock, 1972