Colorado Fire Lookouts

This list does not include the following: radio towers, windmills, water towers, storage tanks,
other unspecified towers. 

USGS elevations are used whenever possible.

Official tower site named are listed when known, otherwise the name of a local landform is 
used for identification. Towers sites with no known name may be listed as "unnamed" .
The names listed here may not necessarily be the names officially recognized by the appropriate 
governing body.

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updated 6/6/03
updated 9/26/04
updated 7/27/07
updated 9/7/09
updated 8/10/11
updated 3/11/13
updated 12/12/13


Delorme & Topo representation(rep): Describes how the tower site is depicted in 
Delorme and USGS Topographic maps. 
	L 	- 	shown as "lookout", 
	LT	-	shown as "lookout tower" 
	LS	-	shown as "lookout station"
	NS	-	not shown on map
	O	- 	other

Status: shows current known status of the tower. 

	SS	-	still standing, staffed
	S	-	still standing
	M	-	moved
	TD	-	torn down
	R	-	ruin
	UN	-	unknown

                                               Delorme    USGS quad/
Name                    Location/   Elevation page/grid      rep         status remarks				topozone 
                         Ownership      ft      rep

Round Top               Dinosaur NM      8575  22-A1-L    Hells Canyon-L    SS  at Buena Vista Pk
Zenobia Peak            Dinosaur NM      8005  12-C2-L    Zenobia Peak-LT   SS
Hahns Pk                   Routt NF     10839  16-B2-NS   Hahns Peak-LT      R
Parkview                   Routt NF     12296  29-B1-NS   Parkview Mtn-L     S
Owl Mountain               Routt NF     10944  28-A2-NS   Jack Ck Ranch-LT  TD
Shadow Mtn             Rocky Mtn NP      9923  28-C4-NS   Shadow Mtn-NS     SS	Staffed in 2012
Twin Sisters           Rocky Mtn NP     11428  29-B6-NS   Longs Peak-NS     TD
Deadman Mtn            Roosevelt NF     10710  19-B5-L    S Bald Mtn-LT     SS  old tower site nearby
White Pine Mtn         Roosevelt NF     10305  19-D7-L    Crystal Mtn-LT     M	in Ft. Collins
Thorodin               Roosevelt NF     10510  39-A7-L    Tungsten-LT       TD
Squaw Mtn                Arapaho NF     11486  39-C6-NS   Squaw Pass-L       S
Mt Evans                 Arapaho NF 	14265  NS         Mount Evans       TD  Temporary
Fairview Pk             Gunnison NF     13214  39-C5-NS   Fairview Peak-NS   S  was highest LO in US
Devils Head                 Pike NF      9248  50-B2-O    Devils Head-LT    SS
Badger Mtn                  Pike NF     11294  49-D6-L    Glentivar-NS      TD
Jersey Jim              San Juan NF      9830  85-A7-L    Rampart Hills-LT   S	on USFS rental system
Glade Mtn               San Juan NF      9164  75-B4-NS   Glade Mtn-NS	    TD  
Benchmark               San Juan NF      9264  75-B4-L    Glade Mtn-L        S  replaced Glade Mtn LO
Devil Mtn               San Juan NF      9922  87-B7-L    Devil Mtn-L       UN
Chimney Rock            San Juan NF      7903  87-C7-NS   Chinmey Rock-NS   TD                        
Archuleta Mesa		San Juan NF      8940+ 88-D1-NS   Edith-NS	     S
Eightmile Mesa          San Juan NF      8776  88-C1-NS   Servicebry Mtn-LT  S
Wallace Park		San Juan NF	10760  86-A3-NS   Leon Reservoir-NS TD	 			
Eagles Nest(McPhee)     San Juan NF	 7200+ 75-??-NS   Dolores West Quad TD		 
Blue Mtn		San Juan NF	 8895  88-C2-NS   Harris Lake-NS    TD		
Beaver Mtn		San Juan NF	 9310  75-C5-NS   Nipple Mtn-NS     TD
Baldy Mtn		San Juan NF      9805  86-B3-NS   Durango East-NS   TD		
Burro Peak		San Juan NF     11620  86-N1-NS   La Plata-NS       TD	 	
Narraguinnep		San Juan NF         ?  74-C3-NS   ?                 TD								
Castle Peak          White River NF     11300  36-B3-NS   Castle Peak-NS    UN
Leon Peak             Grand Mesa NF     11237  44-D3-NS   Leon Pk-NS         S
Park Point            Mesa Verde NP      8427  85-B5-O    Point Lookout-NS  SS
Whites Mesa           Mesa Verde NP      7900  85-C5-NS   Moccasin Mesa-LT   S
Soda Point               Ute Mtn IR      6700  85-C4-NS   Moccasin Mesa-LT   S
Sandoval Mesa	    Southern Ute IR      8488  87-D7-NS   Carracas-NS	     S
Lookout Mtn           Rio Grande NF     11516  79-A6-NS   Lookout Mtn-NS    TD                                         
Academy	  U.S. Air Force Academy USAF	~7600		  Palmer Lake-NS    TD  unable to determine exact location
Chapin Mesa	      Mesa Verde NP	 7100 		  Moccasin Mesa      S	formerly "Cedar Tree"
Crown Point	       Roosevelt NF	11400		  Kinikinik	    TD  a trailer "tower"


Other Possibilities:

Lookout Mtn          White River NF      8585  35-D7-NS   Glenwood Sprgs-NS UN  no hard evidence it existed
unnamed                    Routt NF     10821  16-B3-L    Rocky Peak-LT     TD  on map, no evidence it existed
Panorama Pk            Roosevelt NF      9284  29-B7-L    Panoramam Pk-L     S  non-fire tourist LO
Rollinsville            Arapahoe NF      9000+ 39-A7-L    Tungsten-LT        S  weather station platform
Alta Mine		San Juan NF	11040+ 76-A3-NS   Telluride-NS	    TD  mine tramway 	 
Monarch		      San Isabel NF	11700  59-D7-NS   Garfield-NS	     S  only a firefinder
Sugarloaf Mtn          Roosevelt NF      8917  29-D7-NS   Gold Hill-LT      TD  funds appropriated - never built
Pueblo Mtn Park	    Pueblo Mtn Park	~7400  72-D2-NS   St Charles Peak-NS S	recreation site	
Cedar Tree            Mesa Verde NP      7100+ 85-C4-NS   Moccasin Mesa-LT   S	renamed Chapin Mesa