Original Structure, 1943


Original Stucture, 1943

Verna Dell Porter on Jersey Jim catwalk

Dolores Geffert Decker, 1960s and 70s

Verna Dell Porter, Jersey Jim lookout, on catwalk in the 1960s or 70s.

Jersey Jim Lookout

San Juan National Forest

Elevation: 9830

Status: Rental

Year Built: 1942, 1964

Structure Type: Original tower of local spruce,

   replaced with 55 treated timber tower with 15X15 live-in cab in 1964.

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Jersey Jim Lookout is alongside FR-561, a 54' wood tower with 15x15 cab built in 1964. Evidence of the original 1942 log tower is just to the north. It is on the National Historic Lookout Register and managed by the Jersey Jim Foundation including rentals.

Visit the National Historic Lookout Register entry for Jersey Jim.

See also the Jersey Jim Foundation's website Jersey Jim Lookout Information, the introduction to Administering the National Forests of Colorado: An Assessment of the Architectural and Cultural Significance of Historical Administrative Properties and the description of Jersey Jim Lookout in the San Juan National Forest inventory in the same document as well.

Jersey Jim, 2002

Mark Roper