Park Point Lookout

Park Point Lookout

Firefinder and chair


Osborne fire finder and insulated lookout's chair

Park Point Lookout

Mesa Verde National Park

Elevation: 8571

Status: Staffed

Year Built: 1939, by CCC

Structure Type: Ground level octagonal

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Park Point Lookout is an octagonal groundhouse, approximately 17' in diameter, at the high point of Mesa Verde National Park, staffed during fire season, typically from May to September. The windows were modified in 1949, canting the tops outward to reduce glare. In 1987, solar panels were installed on the roof to provide electrical power for radio equipment operations. Extensive restoration work on the lookout was completed in 2009 under the direction of the Mesa Verde Fire Management Officer, Allen Farnsworth.

The lookout is constructed of native sandstone, quarried on Chapin Mesa and worked by hand to emulate the appearance of other buildings in the park. The lower part of the lookout consists of sandstone blocks laid on a concrete foundation. The upper section consists of timber framework with eight large plate-glass panels. The interior has the original hardwood flooring, built-in varnished plywood storage cabinets, sleeping benches, electric stove, heater and lights.

Although the San Juan National Forest map shows a tower, there is none at Point Lookout at the north end of the park. Fire personnel may occasionally hike there to look for fires.

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