James C. Sarvis and gargoyle

James C. Sarvis

Jay M. Hamilton and map table

Salt Lake City Tribune

The caption reads: Making one of his checkups of the Salt Lake valley from his fire lookout station atop the Walker Bank building is Jay M. Hamilton, forest service employee, who is in charge of the lookout, which will be maintained 12 hours a day. July 14, 1941

Walker Bank Building Lookout

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

Elevation: ~4370

Status: Removed

Year Built: 1939

Year Removed: ~1948

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This lookout in Salt Lake City was on the top of the 15-story Walker Bank Building. There was no enclosure, just a three legged map/alidade table. It was first established in 1939 by the Wasatch National Forest and the Salt Lake City water department, and used until about 1948. Its purpose was the protection of the surrounding city watershed and the detection of fires before they could attack the city itself. In The Salt Lake Tribune issue of July 14, 1941, Jay Hamilton, the fire observer, is pictured with his map table (right). The lookout was usually staffed from late morning until dark. In those days the Bank building was the tallest in the City.

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Thanks to Ron Kemnow for finding and sharing the story of the Walker Bank Building fire lookout.

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