Whites Mesa LO

Allen Farnsworth

Whites Mesa Lookout Tower

Whites Mesa Lookout

Mesa Verde National Park

Elevation: 7940

Status: Standing

Year Built: 1963

Structure type: 30' tall Aermotor, Model D LS-40K, tower with

   a 7' x 7' cab and surrounding wood-floored catwalk

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Whites Mesa is one of three lookouts in Mesa Verde National Park. According to Barb Zinn, who staffed Whites Mesa, the Whites Mesa lookout cabin burned to the ground in the devastating Bircher fire in 2000 that miraculously jumped over the LO itself, leaving it intact along with its wooden stairs and a few nearby trees. Otherwise the area was burned completely down to soot and mineral soil. The tower (but not the cab) came from the Apache Sitgreaves NF, and it was erected and the cabin built in 1963. The cab was later purchased from the Aermotor Company and installed in 1964. The cab is an odd fit for the tower but allows a catwalk, which is unusual for 7x7s.

While not staffed at present, the Park Service is maintaining it.

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White's Mesa Firefinder

Allen Farnsworth

Whites Mesa firefinder

Whites's Mesa view from catwalk

Allen Farnsworth

View from Whites Mesa catwalk