Zenobia Lookout

Daniel Hazen

Zenobia Peak, 2005

Zenobia tower

Daniel Hazen

Zenobia Tower, 2005

Zenobia Peak Lookout

Dinosaur National Park

Elevation: 9006

Status: Active

Year Built: 1964

Structure Type: 19 1/2 foot wooden tower with 15x15 cabin

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Zenobia Lookout is located on the highest point in Dinosaur National Monument. It is currently staffed by the Park Service and has been in continual use since its construction. An earlier tower was used into the 1940s, left vacant, and reactivated in 1961.

Getting there: The lookout is accessible by 4WD from Colorado Highway 318. For detailed directions, see this 2006 posting by the Sierra Club or check with the Park Service.

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Zenobia sketch, 1987

Vi Schweiker

Zenobia sketch, 1987