Connecticut Fire Towers
Bluff Head Tower

Guilford Tower in 1934
(Photo courtesy Keith Ciccarillo)













Town: Guilford
County: New Haven
Mountain or Hill: Bluff Head
Height above sea level: 765 FT
Tower Structure Height: 47'
Latitude: N 41.41815
Longitude: W -72.70204
First date of operation:1928
Type: Aermotor, Steel


Other Photos

Guilford Footings #1

Guilford Footings #2

Guilford Footings #3

Guilford Cabin Site


  • This tower was replaced in 1959 by the Killingworth tower
  • In 1934, this tower was listed as a secondary tower.
  • The landowner was Guilford Land Conservation Trust
  • All that remains are Deteriorated Footings, no trace of Cabin
  • Tower base dimensions (square and X): 14' Sq, 20'
  • Benchmark or other control marker on site (state type): USGS Bluff Head 3 1976
  • Access with approx. distance: At End of Firetower Rd.
  • Tower operated from 1928 to 1958
Report By Connecticut State Park and Forest Commission
1928 Lookout Stations

Perhaps the most important addition to the Fire Service during the past year was the erection of a steel lookout station on Bluff Head in North Guilford in the summer of 1927. A private station formerly used in Bristol has been discontinued so that the total number remains the same but the North Guilford station covers a large portion of southern Connecticut not hitherto covered by any stations. Bluff Head has an elevation of 765 feet. As the top is well wooded it was necessary to erect a tower 47 feet high (at the floor of the observation room). This tower commands a splendid view from Hartford to Long Island Sound, and from New Haven to Killingworth. This is now the best lookout tower in Connecticut and is the only steel tower owned by the State. It was made possible by the generosity of Mr. Odin Myerhuber who gave the site to the State together with the right of way. A tower of this height costs $510.00 F.0.B. Chicago. It was purchased from the Aermotor Co and is the type of tower being used by several states.
Report from 1930 or 31
Following the precedent established in building the Bluff Head Station in North Guilford, only Aermotor Company towers have been used. These are of steel and are firmly set in cement foundations.


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