Connecticut Fire Towers
Traveler's Tower

Travelers Tower
in 2001
(photo courtesy Henry Isenbergl)

Town: Hartford
County: Hartford
Mountain or Hill: Downtown
Height above sea level: 500 FT
Tower Structure Height: 600 FT
Latitude: 41-49-28
Longitude: 73-17-82
First date of operation: 1913
Type: Top Room


Other Photos

Closeup of top in 2001
(photo courtesy Henry Isenberg)



  • The tower still stands, but is not accessable
  • The lookout is the glass enclosed room near the top
  • It is 215 steps above the 25th floor of the building
  • The lookout is accessable through a ladder and up through a trap door
  • This lookout was used during the late teens and up until around 1928 when the CCC started to built towers
  • In 1934, this tower was listed as a secondary tower.


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