Arizona Lookouts

Total known Sites - 120
Last Update - 8/8/2011
Lookout Name NF/Area Status Elev Height Type Manufacturer Con Year
Antelope MtnApache-Sitgreaves NFFormer90035Metal CabinMod. Popcorn1950's
Apache MaidCoconino NF Active+730130R-6 flatUSDA-FS CL 100-1961
AtascosaCoronado NF Former*+ 62493L-4 houseForest Service1933
Aztec **Tonto NFActive+769441.3R-6 flatInternational Derrick1957
BaboquivariTohono O'odham IRFormer77342Wood cabinIndian Crews1934
Baker Butte **Coconino NF Active+807430 MC-24 Aermotor1937
Barfoot **Coronado NF Former*+ 88233L-4 houseForest Service1935
Bear Mtn **Apache-Sitgreaves NF Semi-Active+855045.97x7Aermotor LX-251933
Big LakeApache-Sitgreaves NF Former+ 941531.6 MC-24 Aermotor1933/67
Big SpringsKalbab NFActive*+790099.97x7Aermotor MC-391934
Bill Williams **Kalbab NFActive+925645.97x7Aermotor MC-391937
Black PinnacleNavajo IRActive+79383Wood cabinNavajo IR1936
Black RockBLM-AZ StripSemi-Active737510R-6 flatBLM1981
BlueApache-Sitgreaves NF Inactive+934631.6 MC-24 Aermotor1933
Blue RidgeCoconino NFFormer7416487x7Pacific Coast Steel1930
Bonita RockWhite Mtn Apache IRFormer86008Wood cabinWhite Mtn Apache IR  1920's
Bright Angel PointGrand Canyon NPFormer8250757x7Aermotor LX-241928
Buck MtnCoconino NFActive*+757130CT-2 woodForest Service1939
BuckskinWhite Mtn Apache IRInactive+648082.67x7International Derrick1963
Cerro GordoWhite Mtn Apache IRFormer916167.67x7Aermotor  LS-401939
Chediski **White Mtn Apache IRSemi-Active+74621207x7Aermotor MC-991936
Chevlon ButteApache-Sitgreaves NFFormer69453HouseForest Service1928
Clark PeakCoronado NFFormer9006407x7 woodForest Service1921
Colcord **Tonto NFActive+751383.1R-6 flatUSDA-FS CL 100-1960
DeadmanCoconino NFFormer71433D-6 cupolaForest Service1928
Deer SpringsApache-Sitgreaves NFActive*+7256507x7Aermotor LL-251923
Diamond Point **Tonto NFActive+638430 MC-24 Aermotor 1936
Dry Lake **San Carlos IR Inactive+ 7434 807x7Larson?1984
Dry Park **Kalbab NFActive+87081207x7Aermoter MC-991944
Dutch JoeApache-Sitgreaves NFFormer734999CT-1 woodUSDA-FS L-104001939
East PocketCoconino NFActive+719630CT-2 woodTimber Eng Corp1943
EdwardsSan Carlos IRFormer6404547x7Aermotor1938
Elden **Coconino NFActive+929954R-6 flatUSDA-FS CL 100-1977
Escudilla **Apache-Sitgreaves NF Former 1087654R-6 flatUSDA-FS CL 100-1965
Faught RidgeWhite Mtn Apache IRFormer702199.97x7Aermotor MC-391935
FerndellTonto NF Former77503CabinForest Service1930's
Fluted RockNavajo IRActive+830441.37x7Aermotor MC-391930's
Fly PeakCoronado NFFormer966759.37x7Aermotor MC-401934
Gentry **Apache-Sitgreaves NF Active+772467.6R-6 flatUSDA-FS CL 100-1965
Gobbler PointApache-Sitgreaves NFFormer87790 Wood Forest Service


Grandview **Kalbab NFActive*+7531817x7Aermotor MC-391936
Greens Peak **Apache-Sitgreaves NFActive+1011554R-6 flatUSDA-FS CL 100-1962
Happy ValleySaguaro Nat. Mon Inactive 73483 House Forest Service 1969
HeliographCoronado NFActive*+1002299.97x7Aermotor MC-391933
HilltopSan Carlos IR Inactive+ 66283Wood cabinSan Carlos IR1930
Hopi **Grand Canyon NPInactive+ 7060 23.5L-4Baker Manf. Co1927/53
HorsethiefPrescott NFActive+670440 12x12 D-2 Pacific Coast Steel1934
Humboldt Mtn **Tonto NFActive+520430R-6 flatCivil Aeronautics1958
Hutch Mtn **Coconino NFInactive+ 853531.6 MC-24 Aermotor1936
Hyde MountainPrescott NFInactive*+72723L-5 houseForest Service1936
Jacob Lake **Kalbab NFActive*+816199.97x7Aermotor MC-391934
Juniper RidgeApache-Sitgreaves NFActive+699854R-6 flatUSDA-FS CL 100-1959
KanabownitzGrand Canyon NPInactive 824182.67x7International Derrick1940
Kendrick **Kalbab NFActive+1041810R-6 flatUSDA-FS CL 100-1964
Kinney ButteWhite Mtn Apache IRFormer82701207x7Aermotor MC-99?1936
Lake Mtn **Apache-Sitgreaves NFActive*+ 8501487x7Aermotor LX-241926
Lee ButteCoconino NFInactive 741045.97x7International Derrick1933
Lemmon RockCoronado NFActive*+88203L-4 houseForest Service1928
Limestone **White Mtn Apache IRActive+71051207x7Aermotor MC-991936
Madera PeakTonto NFFormer664740Wood towerAermotor Base1930's
Mahan MtnCoconino NFFormer8270307x7Aermotor LX-241916-17
ManzanitaHualapia IR Former 729420Crow's NestHualapai IR1940's
Mavrick Mtn **White Mtn Apache IRSemi-Active+808682.67x7Aermotor MC-391934
McFadden **Tonto NFActive+713510R-6 flatUSDA-FS CL 100-1964
McKay Peak **White Mtn Apache IRActive+917131.6 MC-24 Aermotor1932
Merrill PeakCoronado NFFormer9288407x7Aermotor?1920
Mica Mountain **Saguara Nat. MonFormer866499.97x7Aermotor MC-401938
Miller PeakCoronado NFFormer94663 L-4 House Forest Service1926
Mingus Mtn **Prescott NFActive*+774359.37x7Pacific Coast Steel1935
Monte Vista **Coronado NFActive+937041.3R-6 flatUSDA-FS CL 100-1966
Moqui **Coconino NF Active+747682.6R-6 flatUSDA-FS CL 100-1952
Mormon Lake **Coconino NF Inactive+7977487x7Aermotor LX-241927
Mt. Baldy **Apache-Sitgreaves NFFormer114041Cab(6-Forest Service1936
Mt. Bigelow **Coronado NFInactive+ 850053R-6 flatArmy CL 100-1061958
Mt. OrdTonto NFActive+7128102R-6 flatUSDA-FS CL 100-1983
Mt. Union **Prescott NFActive+797830 MC-24 Aermotor1933
Mt. Wrightson-BaldyCoronado NFFormer94534D-6 cupolaForest Service1921
Mt.LemmonCoronado NFFormer914030CN WoodForest Service1913
Munds ParkCoconino NFFormer68710Tree/standForest Service1920's
North RimGrand Canyon NPInactive+ 9165757x7Aermotor LX-241933
OakridgeNavajo IRActive+752882.67x7International Derrick1941
Odart MtnWhite Mtn Apache IRActive+852582.67x7Aermotor MC-391934
O'HacoApache-Sitgreaves NF Semi-Active+764099.97x7Aermotor LS-40k?1966
Old SummitSan Carlos IRFormer 7520 547X7Aermotor1969
O'learyCoconino NF Active+891631.6R-6 flatUSDA-FS CL 100-1959
Pat KnollApache-Sitgreaves NFFormer966138Crow's NestForest Service1914
Piney HillNavajo IRActive+8102817x7Aermotor MC-391930's
Promontory **Apache-Sitgreaves NFActive*+7931110.37x7Aermotor LS-401924/38
PS KnollApache-Sitgreaves NF Inactive+804545.97x7Aermotor MC-391933
Red Butte **Kalbab NFActive+732412R-6 duelUSDA-FS CL 100-1980
Red Hill **Kalbab NFInactive+ 775110R-6 duelUSDA-FS CL 100-1958
Red MountainCoronado NF Semi-Active+637310 Duel Cabin Forest Service1973
Reno **Apache-Sitgreaves NF Active+909454R-6 flatUSDA-FS CL 100-1965
Roof ButteNavajo IRActive+978315CabinNavajo IR1960
Rose Peak **Apache-Sitgreaves NFActive+878621.9 MC-24 D-1 Aermotor1929/81
Round MtnKalbab NFInactive+ 7214357x7Aermotor MC-391955-60
Round Top MtnWhite Mtn Apache IRFormer718930 MC-24 Aermotor1938
Saddle MtnCoconino NFFormer888031.67x7Aermotor MC-391951
Sentinel Peak **Coronado NFFormer900020D-1 Aermotor1932
Signal HillGrand Canyon NP Inactive+6773357x7Aermotor LS-401929
Signal Peak **Tonto NFActive+781259.37x7Aermotor MC-391934
Silver PeakCoronado NFFormer*79753L-4 houseForest Service1938
Skinner Ridge **Kalbab NFFormer7248607x7Aermotor MC-39-1929
Slate MtnCoconino NFFormer82153Wood cabinForest Service1941
Springer MtnApache-Sitgreaves NFActive+720331.6 MC-24 Aermotor1933
Spruce MtnPrescott NFActive+769330 MC-24 Aermotor1936
Sugar LoafChiricahua Nat.MonActive+73103 Stone House NPS1936
Summit MtnKalbab NFFormer779730Stand/TreeForest Service1916/1
ThorntonHualapai IRActive678082.67x7Aermotor ?1945
Tower Mtn **Prescott NFInactive+ 762830 12x12 D-2Pacific Coast Steel933
Turkey Butte **Coconino NFActive+729431.6 MC-24 Aermotor1937
Verde Vally/JeromePrescott NFFormer38803 Ground Cabin Forest Service1938
Volunteer **Kalbab NFActive+804730R-6 flatUSDA-FS CL 100-1963
Webb PeakCoronado NF Semi-Active*+1002945.97x7Aermotor MC-401933
West PeakCoronado NF Semi-Active*+867045.97x7Aermotor Mc-401933
Whitney PassBLM-AZ StripInactive44003 HouseBLM1962
Williams ValleyApache-Sitgreaves NFFormer92730Crow's NestForest Service1920's
Willow MtnSan Carlos IRFormer781720WoodSan Carlos IR1930
Wing MtnCoconino NFFormer85270 Wood Forest Service?
Woody Mtn **Coconino NFActive*+809445.97x7Pacific Coast Steel1936


  • Total standing active - 58
  • Total standing inactive - 19
  • Total no longer standing - 43


  • Individual Tower breakdowns will be added in the future
  • AZ Tower Research by Dave Lorenz
  • Last update on this page - 8/8/2011


* - National Register of Historic Places
** - Previous Tower at this site
+ - National Historic Lookout Register
? - Not Confirmed

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