Massachusetts Fire Towers
Brimfield Tower
Massachusetts State Tower #25

Brimfield Tower in 1989
(photo courtesy Henry Isenberg)


Town: Brimfield
County: Hampden
Mountain or Hill: Steerage Rock
Height above sea level: 1100 FT
Tower Structure Height: 68 FT
Latitude: 42-08-59
Longitude: 72-13-28
First date of operation: May 1, 1912
Type: Steel Tower



Other Photos

Original Tower circa 1915
(photo courtesy Henry Isenberg)

Summer Cottage, Original Tower and Ground House in the 20s
(photo courtesy Henry Isenberg)

68 FT Tower unknown year
(photo courtesy Henry Isenberg)



  • This tower also had a ground cabin
  • The first tower was 38 FT with a 8 x 8 FT cab
  • 1.5 miles of phone line was built to this tower
  • In 1923, the state purchases the tower site and the right of way
  • In 1924, a new 68 FT steel tower was built
  • In 1935, the CCC performed major road repairs
  • In 1938, the tower was destroyed in thr great hurricane of 1938
  • In 1938, a new temporary wooden tower is built
  • In 1939, a new 68 FT steel tower is built and two-way radios are installed at this time
  • In 1967, a new 10 x 10 FT cab is built
  • The tower closed at the end of the 1975 fire season
  • The tower structure still stands today and is used as an antenna mount, but the cab is gone


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