Massachusetts Fire Towers
Chelmsford Tower
Massachusetts State Tower #21

Chelmsford Tower in 1997
(photo courtesy Bill Cobb)

Town: Chelmsford
County: Middlesex
Mountain or Hill: Robbin Hill
Height above sea level: 350 FT
Tower Structure Height: 68 FT
Latitude: 42-35-06
Longitude: 71-21-57
First date of operation: Oct 1, 1911
Type: Steel Tower



Other Photos

Chelmsford Tower B+W 1
unknown date
(photo courtesy Henry Isenberg)

Chelmsford Tower B+W 2
unknown date
(photo courtesy Henry Isenberg)



  • This is currently an active state tower
  • The first tower was a 38 FT tall tower with a lader and a 8 x 8 FT cab
  • In 1918, the state buys the land around the tower and a new 68 FT tower with stairs is built and a 10 x 10 cab
  • The old tower is then moved to Carver
  • In 1938, the tower is destroyed in the great hurricane of 1938 and in the fall, a temporary wooden tower is built
  • In 1939, a new 68 FT steel tower is built
  • In 1945, a new acess road is built
  • In 1947, two-way radios are installed
  • In 1970, a new cab is built


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