Massachusetts Fire Towers
Hanson Tower
Massachusetts State Tower #9

Hanson Tower in 1995
(photo courtesy Henry Isenberg)


Town: Hanson
County: Plymouth
Mountain or Hill: Bonney Hill
Height above sea level: 153 FT
Tower Structure Height: 68 FT
Latitude: 42-03-10
Longitude: 70-52-35
First date of operation: Aug 6, 1913
Type: Steel Tower



Other Photos

Original Tower unknown date
(photo courtesy Henry Isenberg)

Hanson Tower in 1915
(photo courtesy Jack Kelley)



  • This is currently an active state tower
  • Tower sits on leased land
  • The old 48 FT tower was replaced with a new 68 FT tower in 1920 and the old one was re-erected in Pelham.
  • Two-way radios were installed in 1936
  • The current 68 FT tower was built in 1969 to replace the old 68 footer


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