Massachusetts Fire Towers
Mendon Tower
Massachusetts State Tower #24

Mendon Tower in 1998
(photo courtesy Henry Isenberg)


Town: Mendon
County: Worcester
Mountain or Hill: Chestnut Hill
Height above sea level: 540 FT
Tower Structure Height: 68 FT
Latitude: 42-03-53
Longitude: 71-34-25
First date of operation: Apr 1, 1916
Type: Steel Tower




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  • This is currently an active state tower
  • This tower resides on private land and is leased. The town of Mendon bought the land in 1940 and leases it to the state today.
  • The first tower was 48 FT tall
  • In 1954, the current 68 FT tower is built. Also at that time, 2-way radios are installed
  • In 2003, a new cab was built
  • Frank M. Aldrich, Fire Warden of Mendon, was told in August of 1915 that the State was to immediately  the erection of a fire tower on Wigwam Hill in Mendon.  The tower was to be 50 feet high and it was put into service in May 1916 when a watchman was hired and trained in it's operations. In 1954 a new 70 foot high fire tower was built.  The new tower rose 20 feet above the old one which stood nearby and was later removed.


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