Massachusetts Fire Towers
Mount Washington Tower
Massachusetts State Tower #39

Mt. Washington
Tower in 1998
(photo courtesy Bill Cobb)


Town: Mount Washington
County: Berkshire
Mountain or Hill: Mount Everett
Height above sea level: 2602 FT
Tower Structure Height: 60 FT
Latitude: 42-06-07
Longitude: 73-25-58
First date of operation: Apr 15, 1915
Type: Iron Tower



Other Photos

Mt. Washington in 1950
(photo courtesy Josephine Vail)

Mt. Washington in 1940
(photo courtesy Henry Isenberg)



  • The original tower was 30 FT and was jointly maintained and funded by the state of Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut.
  • In addition, the town of Great Barington donated $150 to help with the tower costs
  • This state tower was staffed until 1972
  • This tower was removed in 2003 due to disputes with the town officials
  • The tower was sold to a private land owner in the same town and will be erected again in 2004


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