Massachusetts Fire Towers
Tolland Tower
Massachusetts State Tower #38

Tolland Tower in 1990
(photo courtesy Henry Isenberg)


Town: Tolland
County: Hampden
Mountain or Hill: Lair Mountain
Height above sea level: 1695 FT
Tower Structure Height: 60 FT
Latitude: 42-07-54
Longitude: 73-01-30
First date of operation: Sep 1, 1915
Type: Aermotor



Other Photos

Tower Footings in 2005 #1
(photo courtesy Bill Cobb)

Stair Footings in 2005 #1
(photo courtesy Bill Cobb)


  • In 1915, the first tower is built. It is 40 FT with an 8 x 8 FT cab
  • Two miles of phone line is constructed
  • This tower is the former Becket Mountain tower in Becket
  • In 1934, a new 60 FT Aermotor tower is built by the the CCC boys from camp 64 in Chester
  • The tower was ECW funds
  • In 1958, a new road and a power line is built
  • In 1961, two-way radios are installed
  • This tower was sold on eBay in 2003.
  • A 2005 survey by New England FFLA Members confirm that only footings remain of this tower.


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