Massachusetts Fire Towers
Waltham Tower
Massachusetts State Tower #16

Waltham Tower in 1997
(photo courtesy Bill Cobb)

Town: Waltham
County: Middlesex
Mountain or Hill: Prospect Hill
Height above sea level: 478 FT
Tower Structure Height: 68 FT
Latitude: 42-23-18
Longitude: 71-15-16
First date of operation: Sep 1, 1917
Type: Steel Tower




Other Photos

Waltham Tower in 1989
(photo courtesy Henry Isenberg)



  • The original tower was 58 FT
  • It was built on Waltham city land and the communities of Waltham, Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley donated $900 each to fund the installation
  • In 1942, two-way radios were installed
  • In October of 1942, the tower cab burned due to a civillian aircraft spotter being careless with the tower stove
  • During the winter of 1942-43, the cab was rebuilt
  • In 1964, a new tower (last one standing) was built
  • The new tower was surrounded by a chain link fence and had wire mesh over the windows
  • Usage of this tower was discontinued at the end of the 1977 fire season
  • The cab was burned in 1993.
  • The tower was sold 3 times since 2002 and was to be removed by each buyer but each one reneged on their purchase.
  • The tower was finally sold at auction in 2013 and completely removed by April of 2014.
  • The tower is no longer standing and the site has been returned to a grass picnic area.


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