Massachusetts Fire Towers
Westborough Tower
Massachusetts State Tower #23

Westborough Tower in 1991
(photo courtesy Bob Spear)


Town: Westborough
County: Worcester
Mountain or Hill: Fay Mountain
Height above sea level: 707 FT
Tower Structure Height: 85 FT
Latitude: 42-14-24
Longitude: 71-37-18
First date of operation: Oct 8, 1911
Type: Steel Tri-legged w/catwalk



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  • In 1911, a 38 FT tower with ladder and a 8 x 8 cab is built
  • In 1915, a new 68 FT tower with a 10 x 10 FT cab is built and the old tower is moved to Chester
  • In 1938, the tower is destroyed in the great hurricane of 1938 and a temporary tower is built in October
  • In 1939, a new 68 FT steel tower is built
  • The tower is eventually ordered removed by the US Army who converts the site for a Radar Station
  • In 1970, the US Army discontinues the use of this Radar Station. At this time the state rebuilds a new tower using the structure of the old Radar Tower
  • In 1982, the state discontinues use of this tower


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