Rhode Island Fire Towers
Nooseneck Tower

Nooseneck Tower in 2004
(photo courtesy Peter Harrison)

Town: West Greenwich
County: Kent
Mountain or Hill: Nooseneck Hill
Height above sea level: 530 FT
Tower Structure Height: 60 FT
Latitude: 41-36-70
Longitude: 71-38-37
First date of operation: 1950
Type: International Derrick

Other Photos

Nooseneck Tower behind the W. Greenwich Fire HQ in 1990
(photo courtesy Henry Isenberg)

Nooseneck Tower in 1990
(photo courtesy Henry Isenberg)


  • In 1950, this tower was removed from Wickaboxet Hill and re-erected on this site next to the West Greenwich fire station HQ.
  • The tower was listed on the NHLR on 6/2/2005. It is the second to be listed on the NHLR in RI.


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